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So many things... [22 Oct 2011|08:46am]
So I've been put in charge of doing the laundry for Towson's production of Macbeth. Laundry means washing the fake blood out of several costume pieces in the show. Steve Satta, the director of the show, decided to use lots and lots of blood effects. We have the tecnology, why not use it? :D Blooood!.

So just Recently I went to a place called  Kabob Hut with my bestie Jamie Thomas. It was a little Greek hole in the wall that served various dishes based around chicken beef and steak Kabobs. Fantastic! I had a beef sandwich wrapped in flat bread with lettuce and onions (raw... weird...) and then it came with a side of cucumber yogurt. It tasted so good dipped in the cucumber yogurt! But then! There was Baklava at the end! I had just enough room to comfortably fit those tiny assorted morsels into my hungry tummy. It was expensive but worth it! I want to get some for my "not" boyfriend, Brandon.

"Life's but a walking shadow..." ... I'm taking suzuki now... It .... is.... something amazing.

So I stayed late Last night to to my last laundry run and I FELL ASLEEP in the costume shop ! How embarrassing!  Woke up at 1:30 got everything Done and went home after some stressing over an Item I left there ... fuck... it's still there.

anyway I went to sleep at 3:30 and woke up at seven... I've got a looong day ahead of me too cause my friends and I are loading in to two or three cars to go to the last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance faire... It's been a while since I've been to the one in MD. So excited... I'm going to buy sooo much foooood!

so I forgot to mention that to do laundry on the weekends for the Costume Shop, you need a key to get in. I GOT A KEY! They never just give those things out and I got one! YESSSS... nevermind the fact that I have to give it back after the end of this weekend but the mere fact that I had my hands on one of those YES YES YES! -KEYGASM- 

gonna get off before I hold up my friends... they're picking me up ... I think/ hope I dressed warm enough for this... damnit....
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[05 Jul 2011|06:00pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I'm tired.

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Better get to bed soon [14 Apr 2009|11:19pm]
If any one was wondering where the new and amazing art came from....

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Purple: the color of Pride [14 Apr 2009|10:38pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I bought Kittie a dress for prom today. But was $16.oo worth it? I think so. I got a lot of praise for picking out that dress for her and it looks great when she wears it too. (yay me!)

Kittie is one lucky girl. Apparently she "..didn't have to pay a cent for prom this year." But what do I care? I get to feel good for taking care of my friend and I also get a free makeover out of it. Suzane (Kittie's Dad's girlfriend) knows what she's doing, but light browns? I just hope it turns out okay...

In other news: I have been thinking about this for a while.

Mog Ninja, Yuffie.


Totally what I plan on doing for Otakon this year. It might be one of my last ones so I thought, "Let's go out with a bang!" Kitty is going with me as Aerith and I predict lots of great pictures!

So now it's time for me to do my ritualistic Thinking-out-loud:

Yuffie Kisaragi appears in Dirge of Cerberus first wearing a mog ninja costume which is extremely cute yet still keeps its tough, Final Fantasy flare. She wears an oversized hat that covers most of her face and almost looks like a dirt biker's helmet. Two jiant yellow buttons serve as moogle eyes and red lace provides a teddy bear-like version of a mouth. Two pointed ears flop over either side of it's head. Next is the tattered cloak that covers Yuffie's torso all the way down to her thys. It is layered with a dirty creame color on top and a dark yet tasty chocolate brown that peaks out from underneath. The cloak has a stiff and high collar that drapes down over the chest a bit and also is decorated with a matching chocolate belt.

I have already bought the material for this part of the costume but I am a bit nervous that i don't quite like the color that my mom told me to get... I think I'm going to have to get it dirty somehow or just go back and buy a different color.

Wow so I just spent all this time describing one little part of my costume so I'll save the rest for later. All I have to say is that I'm hitting the stores this weekend to look for a lot of things to buy in order to make this at least a little bit easier for my mom and myself.

Can't you tell Im really excited?


This is my senior year and I'm finally going to prom. Not too hard to believe when it comes down to me... but what I find quite unbelieveable is that I have an actual date! What!?

Wil Tepper.

I always had a strange crush on him. Maybe because he was one of those unattainable assholes that was really funny. Who knows. But what I do know is that he is now my boyfriend and so much fun to be around. The only thing I don't find attractive about him is his experimental attitude toward drugs and alcohol... and the fact that he doesn't have a driver's licence Our first date was valentines day and it turns out that we have the same birthday. Crazy.

It seems that my brain was so busy that it kicked into over drive and now I think it's hit the wall I can't think of any thing else. It just keeps circling, now, around Final Fantasy VII Otakon and Prom. I'll probably have something more to say tomorrow or to add on to this but for now I shall leave.

Oh parting is such sweet sorrow!

School starts back up tomorrow I'm nervous.

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I got a goal in Field Hockey so I'm not completely worthless [05 Oct 2008|07:57pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Friday's game against Belaire, I got a total amount of 9 minutes playing time and I might be exaggerating because it felt like even less than that. We tied the game one to one and went into double overtime where either team could not seem to place the ball in the goal.


Mrs. Blakeney asked the team rather smoothly who was confident in their strokes. Having taken only one perfect practice stroke before warming up with the girls and being the closest one to her at the time my hand was the first and only one to shoot up strongly and confidently. Features void of any emotion except determination. She put me in first but moved me to the fourth spot so my friend Joan could get hers over with. Before we even headed toward the field I felt like I needed to pee.

I walked with my head held high to the twenty-five-yard line. Maybe because I thought if I did so it would indicate to my parents that, yes, I was actually an important player at the time.

After settling in the correct area of the field we silently watched Casandra attack the balls flying directly towards her or rolling flat on the ground then cheered after each success. We watched Joan score her goal quite skillfully and the next two team members not so much. It was my turn. The first thing that went through my mind as I picked up the ball was "Stay silent, do not celebrate after wards" ( I was confident) I pretended to look up at the goalie then placed the ball on the very end of the stroke line. "Set the ball any where on the line." the referee had told me calmly and a bit late; I was already setting my feet a comfortable distance away from the ball "Comfortable distance, feet together" I remembered as I began to bend my knees, focusing only on the ball.

The whistle blew.
(at least I think it did. I can't quite remember that part)

"Take it fast." There was a moment's hesitation then...


The next thing I see is the ball hitting the net. I remember not being too surprised at first. I did as I told myself not to do and did not celebrate until I got back to my team where I jumped for joy and hugged everybody all at once. Then I felt great. I couldn't believe it. I do not think that I won the game though. It was all the girls in over time running their asses off, Casandra being a beast and Joan getting that first stroke. I just added to the fire.

I just hope all this doesn't get to my head.

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... :X [28 Jul 2008|09:35pm]
I'm tired of listening.
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[01 Jul 2008|01:30pm]
The Two Minutes Hate today was not the same as others. Today, I entered the room to find the man that I have secretly fancied for quite a while. Winston is his name and he is an editor for the news papers. It seems that everytime I see him he has a forlorn look in his eyes like there are so many built up emotions that he is trying to hide from the Thought Police, kind of like me. I tried not to look at him directly as a moved closer to him. I decided to sit behind him to ease the awkwardness of the situation besides he didn't seem too happy to see me. I watched him during the entire two minutes. While everyone else around me shouted in rage at the image of Goldstein on the telescreen I saw Winston doing the same, conforming to the others around him unsure of if he sympathized with goldstein or if he absolutely hated him like all the others, I could tell by his hesitation that he was just as confused as I was about Big Brother and the Party. I realized then that he was the same as me and I loved him.
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Curque Du Soleil - Kooza [09 Jun 2008|12:31am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I actually went somewhere!
Cirque du Soleil. It was in a tent that had fucking AC HOW AWESOME! In the begining a man delivers a package to a Mr."Innocent", who is a boy who is kind of a loner. They struggle to get a rather large box out of the man's kart and on to the ground but eventually get it in the right place. Right after the delivery man wheels away, the box pops open to reveal a jack-in-the-box look-alike of the boy then BOING a trickster dressed in bright stripes (which were a tint of red, navy blue, a lighter blue, and a white color possibly to represent that he was a performer from the U.S. but not likely -shrug-) jumps high out of the box and introduces the boy to a special power and a very different world. The boy goes through a strange jouurney and lusts after the magic that the trickster posesses. When the boy finally gets his hands on the amazing power everything goes wrong and he is thrown into more strange and dangerous experiences (The wheel of death being my favorite -drooool-).

In the end the boy is crowned King but he returns to his real world. It was all very confusing at the end but it was a basic story of Alice in Wonderland. BUT SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! I totally wish I had a friend in the circus!!! Or I wish that I was! Either way i think it would be Great!

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This is the part where I scream really loud in my computer's ear. [11 May 2008|07:57pm]
[ mood | stoked ]

Wow! I don't know what has drawn me to this journal once again but it has.

Maybe it's the fact that I fucked up on my SATs or that I just came back from the coolest movie that I've seen this whole year. Or that I want to go "Offcie Space" on both my dad's and my computer because they have both succumbed to the power of Firewall and have been rendered to the equivilant of a piece of shit.

This journal seems to be all about the things that I can tell millions of nonexistant people on the internet but not my own parents or my friends who will come to find out eventually. So I am definately not going to include the story about how Kittie and I drove all the way from her house to Bum-fuck Egypt and back just to pick up her bloody cell phone charger. And I am totally not going to be talking about how I didn't quite tell my mom the whole truth about how I went to Walmart with Kitty and her friend Amber and had to get picked up by Kitty's "boyfriend's" friend because Ambers car broke down. And I am not going to say anything about Chris's cat, Fatty, that I got to play with while I was hanging out at his house. Because then everybody would find out and I would get my arse in a hellova lot of trouble.

Any way! My geekdom has been turned back on after watching the movie Iron Man. Pretty sweet! I really just want to read a whole bunch of comic books now... I never have wanted to in the past but I guess that the animated series that I've been catching every day after school has made me quite interested. Man, Robert Downey Jr. was so hawt in that movie!

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Homecoming 07 [06 Oct 2007|10:57pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

There are so many things I want to say about Homecoming. But I can only remember the fact that it sucked. It's really making me think that I'm just some selfish bitch for even thinking that my friend John Porter might be interested in me in the least. Really the thing I want to say to him the most is "Incase you haven't noticed, John, I really like you." I really do like him... a lot. He danced with almost every girl but me. So it makes me wonder, is he just being nice to me when he stops to talk to me in school or is he shy? UGH!

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oh yeah! [28 Aug 2007|10:46pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I now have a place to put my key chain that Miss McKenney gave me.

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Letter to my Cousin [28 Aug 2007|10:34pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I haven't posted a journal entry in a long time so I decided to copy and paste this letter because this is currently my life in a nutshell... without the Field Hockey... which there's really nothing to talk about in Field Hockey yet

Hey Sarah
Mom says Hello too! That made her happy! Don't worry I feel out of the family too and I'm in the same county. It seems like all Dad and Karyn care about is themselfs. I think they've only told me once or twice about that surgery. (I really have no one else to tell this to, sorry for dumping it on you) Mom and I have completely lost all communication with dad's side of the family. I guess we're all just too lazy to pick up the phone or type an email (not putting the blame on any one). All her relatives are in North and South Carolina. We'll have to come visit you some time. You should come by and tell us how the surgery went. Mom says that we could go out to dinner or something.

I heard you were studying to be a nurse. I knew you were in college but I didn't know what for. That's really cool! My school year consists of Honors and A.P Classes along with art. Good for me! NOT! There's too much homework! Second day and I get bombarded with crap! In my art class I sit next to a mentally challenged boy who can't speak in complete sentances (I really have zero problem with that. The fact that his aid had said "There'll be no more seizures in class for you right?" had freaked me out a bit though) The aid is the one who annoys me! Even worse: I'm surrounded by Freshmen T_T (Noooooooo!) But it all evens out! This guy that I got really friendly with over the summer is a student aid and he sits next to me a lot. (YES!) I'm the teachers favorite in that class too so I think I'll be able to have quite a bit of freedom.

Well those are some things that are going on in my life. You know mom and I would love to hear from you. I have to get off the computer now, though, and finish that last assignment (AAAAHHHHH!)
Hope to see you soon,
Phoebe ♥

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[22 Aug 2007|10:19pm]
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I'm like a battered puppy [05 Jun 2007|04:36pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Excuse me for not posting in so long... I need to get some friends on here XF

I broke my dad's two front teeth with the spiniker(sp?) pole and on that day every thing was good and fine I felt horrible but he said let's just laugh about it and all night Karen and him were cracking jokes about it! But now, one week away I hear about it from my dad on the phone, I want to tell him how much I feel like a bettered puppy around him. It seriously takes him one week to finally realize that he needs to talk to me about "my behavior on the boat." Don't worry dad you won't be needing to talk to me about that because I'm not going to be on the boat tomorrow night. I told him that I was sorry and I felt really bad about every thing and his reply is "You better feel bad" Then I told him about my friends inviting me to come to Wing Night at McGlenns tomorrow so I wouldn't be sailing, and that I wouldn't be working this weekend because I had prior engagements involving late nights and no real sleep. He tells me about my obligations and I get pissed. I want to tell him all his flaws. He's a lier, every thing he says he'll do he never does. I don't want to take any thing he says to heart any more!; He needs to think, words spew out of his mouth in a way that is incomprehensible to any one other than himself. He thinks he can just put himself on a pedistal; He needs to be quick, but if it interferes with his thinking then he needs to pull over and talk about it. If he brings up something from last week then I'm not going to listen to it today. I never want to talk to him about any thing!

In other news Miss McKenney went to Clairs the other day and bought the three JV field Hockey captians little unicorn key chains. We have an inside joke that only we can laugh about when the subject comes up. We were winning our game like crazy and as we gathered for a time out we were so excited and kept talking as Miss McKenney tried to calm us down. Out of nowhere she shouts "Every body think happy thoughts. Think about the Unicorns!" Everyone quieted down because she sounded so serious and said such a funny thing we all went into a fit of laughter. This team was very special this year because of how well everybody played and how much fun everyone made each practise. I can't wait for next year!

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-_- [10 Mar 2007|12:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Im just wasting away until lacrosse practise....

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Money... It's a crime? [23 Jan 2007|10:15pm]
[ mood | contemplative (torn) ]

I'm trying to think about what I really want right now and stuff that I've wanted for a while. I really want a video camera but my parents never help me with it and so I'm left camera-less and I'm starting to lose interest in it but now that I think about it... I could really use one. Pullips: want but don't need. Infact I can't think about what I would do with them after I got them. But they're so cooool.

Why is it that I always consult my journal at the times of my money delimmas?

Lead doesn't come out until April let's see how much money I can keep in my jar until then. If the money I have goes down then I'll buy him... and Rovam. If it stays the same then I'm still facing a problem but I'll probably be leaning toward a camera... If it goes up noticeably like $50.oo or more then I'm probably going to get my hopes up about getting a Model Doll.... maybe Ipasae.

But maybe I can just work really hard by trying to get 160- 170 bucks and then get my dolls and then maybe get a camera or work again and get my model doll(s) T_T

a Eins..... un
b Zwei..... due
c Drei..... tre
d Vier..... quattro
e Funf..... cinque
f Sechs.... sei
g Sieben... sette
h Acht..... otto
i Neun..... nove
j Zehn..... dieci
k Elf...... undici
l Zwolf.... dodici
m Dreizehn. tredici

This is hard... I guess I'll just have to ask for the camera for my birthday... along with that high speed...

Pullips? So mine!

Model Doll(s)? Taken care of!

I love me.

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Oh....... my............god [09 Jul 2006|01:20am]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm staying up late cause it's my last night that I can until I go to Field Hockey camp next week. So I'm watching Vidoes of Dir en grey. XD I suddenly got pushed over into a Shinya Section So I found one that's labeled "a day with Shinya" and it's sooooooo uwaaah!(it's so sad) Poor guy! I'm starting to think that there's something =P pppft in his mind but he's still cute for the time being

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(no subject) [26 Jun 2006|02:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

I've been hanging out on Gaia a lot. I guess it's like the safest place for me to hang out. At the time Myspace definately did a toll on me I hate it. A lot. So for my top eight I have a whole bunch of random people cause I don't really care any more. I have a trust issue with my parents now that would have never happened if I just decided to hang out at home. XD I like Gaia you can walk around with really cool clothing styles and it rocks! People for the most part just leave you alone unless you want some company. It's pretty awesome!

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IT WAS A SUCCESS! [13 May 2006|11:17am]
[ mood | excited ]

He liked it and put it on his cell phone!!!! ((not exactly where it was meant to go but... close enough I guess)) Omg I'm so freaking excited that he liked it. It makes me sooo happy!

My new goal for after school is to catch up on my Japanese A LOT. I seriously wish I had a teacher or something I think it would be a lot easer.

I need some good music saved to my dad's computer!
(speaking of good music)
Withering To Death comes out in America on the 16th ((I wish I got it earlier but))They say that they've included a clip on the American release, it's probably the same as the original. *shrug* I still have 3 more cds to get (including Withering to death) from them, and then I can go to buying the DVDs!

My brother is going to take me shopping to get mom something for Mother's day.
We've already got something planned but We want to maybe get her some jewlery or something. I actually took money out of my jar to help Jordan out with the expences of tomorrow night. Hopefully this'll go well....

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T_T what else do I have [18 Apr 2006|09:28pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Ok there's this crazy video of two Japanese kids dancing in a kareokee thing, and my friend and I found it titled "Kyo and Die being dumbasses before famous". We loved it and we wanted to redo it for Otakon((our anime convention)). So my friend posted it on her MySpace where a "whole bunch of people" commented telling her that it wasn't them. That was the hottest video ever we loved it then all of a sudden it's a fake! Ugh I hate the internet when things like this happen! Although the people could be lieing instead of the title, which would make me pissed. But how would I be able to find out?

So now I'm afraid to watch it...

Sad Sexually

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